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Azura is a young dragon girl.

Her kind lives on a Sky Islands known as Aetheria. On this floating piece of earth, she finds remnants of mankind that once resided there. As Aetheria got cut off the rest of the world, the dragons started to settle here.

They have been undisturbed for many years and had no interest in crossing paths with humans, as they were only after their precious horns and teeth, as well as to eagerly study their magic.

Josh is the youngest son of a blacksmith.

He lives with his father in the newly constructed town that was built long after Aetheria got unreachable for the people of Faena. Once in a while, when it’s not too cloudy, he can watch dragons fly trough the air.

The only thing he knows about dragons is what he was told by his father and at the utmost rumors and other stories that people tell.

The Kingdom of Faena

The Kingdom of Faena reaches further than the eye can see. Ruled by King Herold, the land stretches above snowy mountainsides, across vast green plains, through dense jungles, across parched deserts and warm coasts to barren ash lands with lava forming the appearance of the land. Travellers tell astonishing stories of the wonders they came across on their journeys, as they have never seen one Kingdom that is so rich in variety.

1. Floating Island

Hundreds of years ago, a new element appeared in the Kingdom of Faena.

First discovered by the Dwarves within their mines deep underneath the ground, the element started to rise towards the surface and above. As the element was lighter than air but yet solid and strong, a new phenomenon appeared which was never seen before.

The ground around the area where the element was mined cracked further and further and whole landscapes started to float, slowly but constantly. Dwarves and Humans alike tried to secure the new-born floating island with massive iron chains, but they weren’t successful for long.

They named the place after the element they discovered back then – Aetheria.

2. King’s Crossing

In the Heartland of the Kingdom of Feana you can visit the main city, built on a massive mountain ridge – King’s Crossing.

Within the walls of this large and populated city rules King Herold, third of his name, protector of Faena and slayer of beasts. All kinds of races come together in King’s Crossing, be it for business, living or joy.

The city has an always crowded marketplace where traders and customers alike get together and argue loudly about prices and quality. Trade itself is run by the Iron Guild, a coalition of merchants from all across the Kingdom.

There is also a monastery where the priests of the Red Church practice on ancient mythical forces. King’s Crossing is a city that never sleeps as there is always someone, minding his business.

3. Dragon’s Tooth

Dragon’s Tooth is the name of an active volcano and the most southern landmark of Faena.

Within its crater in small caves you might spot Fire Dragons. Over the years they have adapted to the harsh and almost impassable terrain, as their natural habitat got smaller and smaller. The deadly region around Dragon’s Tooth is barren and rocky. 
Streams of lava burn their way through the landscape. But one can find live, where is death:

The ashes are carried by the wind, resulting in ashfall onto proximate regions – good conditions for growing crops.

4. The Temple of B’Zaar

In the eastern part of the Kingdom, deep in the Greenwood Jungle, adventurers can find the ruins of the ancient temple B’Zaar – the remains of a long-forgotten culture. Many expeditions have failed to chart this part of the Kingdom and did never return. Some also say that an old curse lies on these lands.

The Greenwood Jungle is home to various dangerous creatures that have never been fully explored. Only true adventurers with a strong mind and the will to survive will have the chance to see this part of Faena.

5. The Unnavigable Ocean

In the north-east, where the river touches the sea, it passes the cold landmass of the Black Mountains as well as the hot Desert of Doom. Because of this massive difference in temperature, a never-ending storm rages in this part of the Kingdom, making it impossible for any ship to leave or enter the Kingdom.

Curse and blessing at the same time – war ships cannot enter, but also can’t traders and merchants…

6. The Stone City of Bar’Kazad

In the most northern part of the country one can find the Black Mountains. Within its protection, deep under the surface in the Stone City of Bar’Kazad, live the Dwarves, a strong and hardworking race, adapted to the cold and darkness underneath the mountain.

There they mine for various ores – very important resources for the whole Kingdom. On the surface, a barren and icy glacier covers the snowy landscape.

7. The Diamond Coast

Diamond Coast is the place where adventurers and traders go to live a naval life. Life seems to be easy here, as it is warm and the rum flows constantly.

But buccaneers try to make easy money by relieving merchant-ships of the cargo they carry. Thievery, envy and grudge rules in Diamond Coast. A dangerous place for naive travellers.

The King’s Navy is also stationed here, fighting piracy and maintaining order.

8. Flying Waterfall Island

Flying Waterfall Island was also a place, where aetheria was mined.

The humans – unlike the Dwarves untrained in digging mines – stroke ground water and the mines flooded in no time. The water they found caused death for many workers that day.

Lifted by aetheria, a new foating island appeared, as the structural integrity broke. With multiple waterfalls flowing down the edges of this island, it is both a place of beauty and a reminder of great grief.

9. The Desert of Doom

The Desert of Doom is an irreal place. The sun burns from above at day, at night you can freeze to death as temperature drops to the freezing mark. But the climate is not your only enemy here. Creatures roam the desert that have adapted to this region of the Kingdom, you’d better not stumble across. For whatever reason you want to be there in the first place. Nothing but sand for distances the eye cannot fully see.

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Technical Game Features


Volumetric Clouds will be essential when flying through the sky as Azura. Crossing multiple layers of clouds as you go, will add to a great experience as you roam the vast landscape of Faena!

On the ground there will be volumetric fog that dynamically changes, based on where you are, and how elevated you are. You can either stand on top of a mountain and look into a valley full of morning mist or roam the streets when the fog sets in at dusk.

Dynamic dampness will have the ground soaked with water when it rains. How fast the ground will get dry again, will be dependent on the surface type. Mud and grass surfaces will dry slower than a cobblestone road for example.

Rain splatter will affect areas that are exposed by rain. This mechanic allows objects to stay dry, when they are sheltered.

Dynamic light and a day and night cycle will have influence on how you are going to perceive the landscape. Light will be dependent on regions, weather and time.

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