Hello there, children of Faena!

In this new blog entry we want to tell you a bit more about the game developers of Azura – The Two Views of a World!



The Azura Game Developers

Azura Game Developer Daniel

Azura Game Developer Daniel


Daniel is the leader of the project.
He’s also head of ProjectMakers, where he developed various applications for his business customers since 2016.
During his free time he created the mobile idle game Mercator, as well as several other mini games and tools.

Before Daniel got into creating games he was head of development in a medium-sized enterprise. His task was to manage the development of several applications within a team of 10 members. He is trained in coordinating the progress of projects and knows a lot about programming with C# in combination with Unity.


Why do you think Azura will be a success?

“We think it’s good not to be dependent on big publishers, because in this way we can create a game according to our own ideas. We will have to put all our knowledge and skills of the past few years together and will prove that small indie studios are able to forge a great game! With the help of Kickstarter and a great community there is nothing we have to be afraid of!”


Azura Game Developer Sebastian

Azura Game Developer Sebastian


Sebastian has been a C# developer and User Experience Designer at the same company, where Daniel was head of development. He worked with Daniel, when it came to creating user interfaces and the designs of applications.

In July 2019 Sebastian joined ProjectMakers, and worked on ongoing projects. Sebastian is responsible for the creation of the levels, the world as well as the UI. His knowledge on User Experience will help to provide a satisfying experience for the players!


What will be your biggest challenge, when full-time development starts?

“Time will be a big opponent. We have planned the development of all of our milestones very thoroughly. Wasting time is definitely not our thing, as we want to use all of our resources most efficiently. There is simply no need that our players would have to wait for a long time for a finished product.”