Hello there, children of Faena!

In this new blog entry we want to tell you a bit more about the core gameplay mechanic, we are going to implement: The two different views of Azura and Josh.


Two characters with different backgrounds

Azura is a young dragon girl. Her kind lives on a Sky Islands known as Aetheria. On this floating piece of earth, she finds remnants of mankind that once resided there. As Aetheria got cut off the rest of the world, the dragons started to settle here. They have been undisturbed for many years and had no interest in crossing paths with humans, as they were only after their precious horns and teeth, as well as to eagerly study their magic. Azura, however, knows nothing of mankind and has no need to change that.

Josh on the other hand is the youngest son of a blacksmith. He lives with his father in the newly constructed town that was built long after Aetheria got unreachable for the people of Faena. Once in a while, when it’s not too cloudy, he can watch dragons fly trough the air. He only knows what he was told from his father and at the utmost rumors and other stories that people tell.
Neither does he know how they live, nor how they got to Feana in the first place.


The view on the world we know differs

With those different backgrounds, each protagonists have a specific set of knowledge of what they know and what they don’t. And we’re about to visualize this in the game!

Azuras view of the world

This picture shows the view of Azura. There are several aspects that make her view special:

  1. As Azura is a carnivore, only the haunch is highlighted as relevant food, whereas the bread rolls aren’t.
  2. She is sensitive to light, but can see a lot better in the dark.
  3. At long distances her view is still sharp.
  4. Her field of view is very large, therefor she can perceive more things.
  5. At short distances she is unable to get a clear view.

In comparison to Azura’s view, take a look at what Joshs sees at the same time:

Joshs view of the world

  1. Josh eats meat as well as other things. Therefor the bread rolls and the haunch are both highlighted as food for him.
  2. He is not that sensitive to light like Azura, but can’t see well when it’s dark.
  3. At long distances he fails to get a clear view.
  4. His field of view is more limited in comparison to Azuras’.
  5. At short distances he is able to get a clear view though.


Grasping the concept of things also changes the view

But that’s not all! The view of our main characters is not only limited to their needs and their biological build – it’s also tied to the things they know and don’t know.

That’s where our quest system comes into play. If it’s your task is to find e.g. a key, Josh will more likely succeed, whereas Azura doesn’t know what a key is or what it’s used for. She never had the need to understand the concept of a key, because dragons don’t have doors or gates. Therefor she won’t know what to look for and would fail to find it.

Consider this, when you switch between the characters. A key in the view of Azura might only be some piece of metal and is also displayed that way. Once Azura has learned the concept of a key, what it looks like and what it’s used for, she can help during a search next time. But if it’s really a key she will find and whether it’s not just another object that has a close similarity to it, will be seen.
It might also be a file or a rasp, but maybe a lock pick, too…

The feature also works the other way round, when Josh has to obtain something that is only known in the world of dragons rather than in his.

Azura Key Storyboard

There aren’t many games out there, which focus on how others recognize their surroundings and that’s why we’re putting this gameplay element in the spotlight.

See you soon with another composition of awesome news!
Daniel & Sebastian