Hello there, children of Faena!

In this new blog entry we want to tell you a bit more about the precious developer support team of Azura – The Two Views of a World!


The Azura game developer support-team

Azura Developer Team Supporter Cindy


Cindy is the beloved wife of Daniel. She is an expert in appearing with two cups of delicious hot coffee just at the right moments. As developers we would have either starved or died of thirst multiple times if she wasn’t here! She’s also always a welcome guest on Daniel’s streams.


Azura Developer Team Supporter Joshua


Joshua is Daniel’s son. His expertise in being a child provides a great source of inspiration for the whole developer team! His view on the world can be very refreshing but also triggers some deep questions about several topics in us. Some of this serves us very well for a ton of main and side quests for the game. We wonder how he will look upon this, as he grows older…


Azura Developer Team Supporter Kira


Kira’s most utterly target is to rule the world. We’re pretty sure about this. To prevent this, we’re giving her attention and cuddles. In exchange she would purr a whole night through and reschedules her evil plans to the day after. Her kittenishness however, serves very well for some of the dragon’s behaviors.


We want to thank you!

We appreciate all of your support. It’s not easy being an indie-games developer, as the nights are short and the workload is stealing our power very often.
Because of this it is very great to have someone who’s got your back! We just wanted to thank you for being the Azura game developer support team!