Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news entry, we will focus on a new Azura game mechanic, which is fear.


Why fear?

Every game restricts the player in a way. Most commonly there are invisible walls to prevent the player to get to places they are not allowed to. Somehow the world the player is in has to be limited, as we all know that endlessly roaming across the map (and beyond) is often times not possible. We thought about how we could constrain the player, besides using invisible walls, because this is quite lame to be honest.

As we are two creative heads, we thought of something else that would be an obstacle for our protagonists to go everywhere they wanted.
Fear restricts us naturally in extreme situations, which is why we thought this would be an interesting concept to use in the game. We want to implement it as a new game mechanic for Azura – The Two Views of a World.

Every time a character is fearful, it will affect their movement speed and capability of fighting and dodging. In addition an effect on screen will appear and sound changes, so that you as the player will recognize this mechanic.


Fear the unknown

Neither of the characters are heroes, nor chosen ones. At the beginning of the story both of them grow up among their parents and are protected by them.
As they encounter new situations that involve being out on their own, they cannot rely on the help and protection of their relatives and friends alone, but have to solve situations by themselves.

Situations that are hard for the characters involve fear as a new gameplay mechanic. As an example this can be Azura walking close to a cliff; she knows that if she gets too close, she might slip and fall down. During her childhood Azura is unable to fly, so falling down the Sky Island would be fatal for her. The fear mechanic will prevent Azura get to close to the edge. Her movement will slow down and an effect will appear on screen, making the player aware of the stress she has.

As she grows up and learns how to fly, the fear of slipping near a cliff will fade. She knows that even if an accident happens, she could simply break her fall by spreading her wings and fly away.

Azura standing by a cliff

Once Azura is grown up, she will no longer be frightened about steep cliffs.


Fear of the dark

As Azura and Josh get together, they will travel the Kingdom of Faena together. When the sun is about to set, however, they will have to find a safe spot for the night. After sundown the Kingdom of Faena becomes a dangerous place! There are not only cutthroats and bandits lingering in the shadows, but also some very dangerous creatures. To be safe, warm and fearless, Azura and Josh will have to build a small camp with a small fire lit. Fear will make our protagonists see things in the dark – whether they are real or not, you as the player will find out by yourself!

When Azura and Josh spend several nights outside they will be less anxious after a while as they get used to it.

Snowy region in Faena at sunset

After sundown Faena becomes a dangerous place.


On what else does the fear game mechanic apply?

It will apply on everything that makes either Azura or Josh uncomfortable.

For example:

  • Being too far away from home
  • Fighting against creatures and humans
  • Crossing dangerous paths (e.g. run-down bridges)
  • Being outside while a storm is raging
  • … and a lot more

However, each time the characters can handle specific situations well, they will become more fearless next time. The mechanic will allow the characters to learn how to deal with their anxiety.


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Azura is now on Kickstarter

Azura is now on Kickstarter

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