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in this developer news entry, we will feature another games mechanics: Faena’s climate and weather.

Faena’s diverse regions will have different climate zones

The Kingdom of Faena reaches further than the eye can see. Ruled by King Herold, the land stretches above snowy mountainsides, across vast green plains, through dense jungles, across parched deserts and warm coasts to barren ash lands with lava forming the appearance of the land. Travelers tell astonishing stories of the wonders they came across on their journeys, as they have never seen one Kingdom that is so rich in variety.

The Kingdom has multiple climate zones. To the north you can find the magnificent snowy peaks of the Black Mountains (6), home of the Dwarves. To the south you will find Dragon’s Tooth (3), an active volcano. The ashes are carried by the wind, resulting in ashfall onto proximate regions – good conditions for growing crops.

As the climate zones are different, you will have to be well prepared in order to survive some of the harshest regions. Weather can change fast and unexpectedly. A possible death trap for the unmindful traveler.

Faena's climate and weather

Worldmap of Faena


Changing weather and the influence on other regions

As each region has it’s own climate zone, they also come with different kinds of local weather. You might rarely encounter rain in the Desert of Doom (9), but often times sand storms and heat waves, which will make travelling hard. In the Greenwood Jungle (4) on the other hand, rain will be the dominating weather, soaking your clothes with water, if you’re not sheltered enough.

The Unnavigable Ocean (5) is a good example for the influence of diverse climate zones and the weather they depend on. South east to the Black Mountains, just across the river you can enter the Desert of Doom. Due to the immense difference in temperature in both regions, there is an ever raging storm. It makes it impossible for any ship to enter or leave the Kingdom of Faena on this part of the landmass.


Wind will make Faena’s weather change

By implementing a wind mechanic, we will calculate, how regions are affected by weather. If the wind comes from the north, where the snowy Black Mountains (6) are located, the temperature in the City King’s Crossing (2) will drop. Rain clouds will be carried by the wind, so you can expect thunderstorms to actually wander across the map – if they are not stopped by mountains.


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