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in this developer news entry, we will show you another region of Faena: The city of King’s Crossing.


King’s Crossing – A city on a mountain

The city of King’s Crossing was build hundreds of years ago on the massive mountain ridge in the center of the Kingdom. It is home to King Herold, who lives in the city’s castle. It is the safest place you can ever imagine. No foes of Faena even dared to attack the city, for it is impossible to be conquered. This is what makes the city enormously valuable.

But with being so safe, comes a different problem. Traders and merchants have to go a long way uphill to offer their goods – an always exhausting trip for everyone. This is also the reason, why folks think twice about leaving the city to visit nearby towns. Wealthier citizens tend to send their envoys, who care about their business in the rest of the kingdoms, while common people have to plan every trip on their own.


A crowded city with different inhabitants

Folks from all over the Kingdom live in the city of King’s Crossing. Dwarves from the cold north are living side by side with the southerners of the Diamond Coast, selling their goods. Most of the traders are members of the Iron Guild, a coalition of merchants from all across the lands.

Those who seek knowledge, are taught by the King’s Scholars in the School of Wisdom and those who are devoted to ancient mysteries and magic, tend to see Priests of the Red Church.
However your journey across the Kingdom might look like, it is incomplete unless you have seen the city of King’s Crossing!


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