Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news entry, we will show you another region of Faena: The Unnavigable Ocean.


The Unnavigable Ocean – where an endless storm is raging

When you follow Dead Man’s River way up to the northeast, you will hear thunder rolling and see lightning striking from the distance. This way lies the Unnavigable Ocean, a place where an endless storm is raging since the beginning of time.

Due to the enormous difference in temperature from the Black Mountains on the one hand and the Desert of Doom on the other, a storm was born that has never stopped in the entire history of the Kingdom. Scholars from the School of Wisdom researched this place for a long time, trying to pull energy out of it, yet with ill success.


A place that’s curse and blessing

The passage is not navigable for any ships, which is curse and blessing at the same time. No enemy ships will be able to enter Dead Man’s River, but so won’t any merchant vessels. The trading route would either have to go through the desert or through the jungle and Both of the ways are not manageable. This is also the main reason, why the Diamond Coast is the main anchorage for traders and merchants of any kind.


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