Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news entry, we will show you another region of Faena: Aetheria.


Aetheria – a precious resource and name for a mystical place

Hundreds of years ago, a new element appeared in the Kingdom of Faena.

First discovered by the Dwarves within their mines deep underneath the ground, the element started to rise towards the surface and above. As the element was lighter than air but yet solid and strong, a new phenomenon appeared which was never seen before.

The ground around the area where the element was mined cracked further and further and whole landscapes started to float, slowly but constantly. Dwarves and Humans alike tried to secure the new-born floating island with massive iron chains, but they weren’t successful for long.

They named the place after the element they discovered back then – Aetheria.


A refuge for the Wind Dragons

For many years, the humans hunted Wind Dragons for their precious horns to make profit out of it. When Aetheria started to float, it became a refuge for them, as the King’s dragon hunters were unable to reach this area. Over the years, the remnants of humanity decayed and nothing but ruins were left. Nature started to recover and stabilized itself again. Until this day, Aetheria is the place, where Wind Dragons can live without the fear of being hunted.


Aetheria is shown in the trailer for Kickstarter!

You may have seen this place already in our trailer, we produced for Kickstarter. Maybe you can imagine how big other regions are going to be, as you have a comparison now! Of course this is all pre-alpha right now, so expect to see a lot more details in the finished game! For those who haven’t seen the trailer already, watch it right here!


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Azura is now on Kickstarter

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