Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news entry, we will show you another region of Faena: Bannockshire Island.


Another place where Aetheria was mined

Remember Aetheria? It’s the name for both the mystical material that appeared hundreds of years ago and the name of the place it was initially found. The mines of Aetheria were dug by the Dwarves back then. In the southern part of the Kingdom there appeared another source for aetheria and it was also mined – this time by humans of Bannockshire.


Bannockshire Island – A place that became a reminder of great grief

The humans – unlike the Dwarves untrained in digging mines – stroke ground water and the mines flooded in no time. The water they found caused death for many workers that day.
Lifted by aetheria, a new floating island appeared, as the structural integrity of the ground broke. With multiple waterfalls flowing down the edges of this island, it is both a place of beauty and a reminder of great grief.


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