Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news entry, we will show you a new gameplay mechanics: How you develop the characters – Azura and Josh!


Grow with the protagonists!

Both, Azura and Josh will start their journey in their early childhood. You will watch them grow as you play, learn new things and develop their skills as you see fit. Azura’s story will begin on the Island of Aetheria. You will get to know her parents the very moment you hatch from the dragon egg and experience the world she is living in as a child.

The beginning of Josh’s story will take place a few years later when he is already capable of helping his father in the forge. As he accidentally meets Azura, the greatest adventure of his life is lying ahead! Throughout the story both characters will get older and with this comes new challenges both of them have to face together.


Develop courage and fight your fears!

Neither of the protagonists start as heroes, nor chosen ones. They are simply two young children, who want to make a difference in the world they are living in. Both of them will have to face challenges they have never encountered before and thus they will often times be frightened. Fear is also a games mechanics, which will constrain you in many ways. When you are anxious, your movement will be slower, your adrenaline will rise and you will make mistakes! Fear can come from various sources, be it the dark night, a powerful foe, or simply the reason you are far away from home…

The more often you master one of those situations however, the less frightened you will become. When facing fears you will train to control your anxiety. You will regain control over your movements and actions again and you will be even more resolute in various situations.


Train their skills!

In our gameplay showcase you may have noticed that Josh already is able to swing a sword and Azura is able to breath fire. In order to have these abilities though, they will have to obtain them at first and use them regularly to master them.
If Josh doesn’t use his sword for fighting in combat, he won’t get better in handling it and Azura will only be good at spitting fire, if she practices a lot.

You will develop the characters as you see fit. You want Josh to be an archer? No problem, let him practice with the bow. Azura’s poisonous attacks are way cooler than spitting fire? Here you go! Train her abilities and she will master them.


Learn new stuff!

Depending on their different backgrounds, our protagonists have a different set of knowledge. Josh knows only little about the world the dragons live in and Azura is not familiar with humans and their way of living. This is where the two views game mechanics comes in. Both, Azura and Josh, recognize the world they are living in, in two very different ways. Things they don’t know, won’t catch their eyes very well, which can be a challenge when obtaining items that are relevant for quests. Also if they haven’t understood a concept of an object, meaning they either don’t know how it looks like and what it’s good for, they will have trouble identifying it.

But when roaming the world, they will both encounter situations neither of them will be familiar with. In this case they can’t rely on each other’s knowledge and they have to work together to find solutions to their problems.


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