Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news entry, we will show you what early access for the game will look like.


What we mean by early access

Early access is a term that is widely spread among games. Usually it means that you are able to play the title in an unfinished and unpolished version. Sadly this seems to be today’s standard, when games are released on the market, resulting in titles that are in stores for years without being finished or polished anywhere in the distant future.

This is why we won’t release the game in an alpha state. We don’t want to present an unfinished version of the game to you. You will get a completed and finished product.

The only early access we plan is the ones for our Kickstarter backers, who will get the chance to see the product in an earlier stage and a beta phase that is open to everyone, who owns the game.


When will the betas take place?

The release of the beta testing dates will be dependent on the funding status. For the standard version of the game, we’re planing a closed beta by July 2020 and will open the beta gates in August 2020 for everyone owning a copy of the game. As planned for now, the game will be available on Steam, Humble Bundle and GOG.


Closed Beta Access for Kickstarter backers

The closed beta access will be granted to everyone who backed us with the Basic Founder Package and beyond! You will receive an e-mail from us with a key that you can use to get access to the beta.

During this testing phase, you will have access to a specific part of the map in the Kingdom of Feana, where you will have the opportunity to walk around with both of the characters, explore your surroundings and play a quest. You will be able to test all of the core-mechanics of the game and provide valuable feedback to us, so we can polish the game based on your experiences.
In this way you will get the chance to influence the game directly.


Open Beta Access for everyone

In August 2020, everyone who owns a copy of the game will get a key from us, which allows access to the beta version of the game. If you took part in the beta before you can participate again, of course. You will also experience a specific part of Faena, control the characters and play a little quest. By providing feedback to us, you will also give us the chance to polish the game even more.


When will the game be released?

The planned release date for the game will be on September 2020.


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Azura is now on Kickstarter

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