Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news entry, we will show you how building camps and encampments will work.


Set up a camp almost anywhere

If you need a rest you will be able to set up a camp almost anywhere in the Kingdom of Faena. Depending on which equipment you carry with you, the camp might only have a campfire and a bedroll or even a small tent for Josh. While resting, Josh can cook meals to satisfy his hunger and prepare food for the journey ahead. Azura can also have a meal, but she won’t eat anything that is cooked by Josh, because she only prefers raw meat. While resting both characters are able to take care about their wounds and can recapitulate what they have gone through during their day.

The camp has to be placed by Josh, as Azura has no knowledge in doing so. She can sleep anywhere on the ground and just needs a pile of leaves to feel comfortable.

It’s useful to set up a camp, when the sun is about to set. As our characters can get quite anxious at night, a warming fire will make them feel safe. However, camps are only temporary and have to be packed, when you decide to head on.


Build a an encampment to store your items

When you proceed in the story, you will find yourself far from home. As you won’t have the chance to return at times, you will have the opportunity to build your own “home away from home”.

There will be multiple spots where you will be able to build encampments which are larger than the small camps. You can fortify them with fences and build small shacks to have a shelter.

You will have to gather resources though, in order to build your home. This is where both Josh and Azura will have to work together. Azura is great in gathering big amounts of resources and Josh has the knowledge and slight of hand to work with tools. Encampments will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for upcoming adventures. You will have a permanent spot to craft potions and prepare food, as well as a place to store items.


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