Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news showcase, we want to show you what it’s like flying around with Azura!


An open world for you to be explored!

A lot of games these days present an open world to you. Most of them, however, are limited in exploration as you are not able to leave the safe ground you are on. Azura – The Two Views of a World is different! As the dragon girl Azura, you will be able to fly around freely and visit multiple hotspots of the Kingdom of Faena, which are not only set on the ground. You can fly to multiple Sky Islands, like Aetheria, where Azura is originally coming from. The skies are all yours and they await your exploration with Azura!


Volumetric clouds and weather!

In a game where it comes to roaming the skies of a vast Kingdom, a simple sky box, where the clouds are just painted upon would not be enough. To give you the unique feeling flying through the air freely and unburdened, we added volumetric clouds to the game. They will change in height, density and thickness, depending on the weather and may sometimes be a challenge to navigate through, when a thunderstorm is currently raging or ground fog makes it hard to see where you can land.


Sound design for Azura’s wing beat and the air draft

A lot of sounds are currently a placeholder for something more epic to come! Sounds can be a crucial, when it comes to your gaming experience. Often times this is a subconscious process that we as players don’t recognize actively when a sound is done right, but when it’s done wrong, we notice right along! This is why we want to put extra effort in finding the right sounds for Azura’s wing beat, as well as for that “WOOSH” you hear when you’re about to nose dive directly to the ground.


Take Josh as a passenger and travel large distances

When it comes to flying through the skies with Azura, Josh is not to be left out! He can join as a passenger and experience something he never has before. When Azura takes Josh with her, you will have to keep an eye out for her stamina, as it’s more exhausting for her contrary to traveling alone. While traveling as a pair they can make great distances in a very short time.


A word on performance

When we created the flight scene with Azura, we had up to 70 fps with a RX 5700 XT and an Intel Core i7 7700k, while running the game in the Unity editor, which also needs extra performance. The best thing about this: The scene wasn’t optimized at all at this point, which means that also architectures which are less powerful won’t struggle to play the game fluidly, once we optimized it.


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Azura is now on Kickstarter

Azura is on Kickstarter! Click this image to get to the campaign!


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