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in this developer news entry, we want to show you a bit more of how Azura and Josh grow older as you play!


A different kind of start

Remember those games where the protagonist awakes somewhere at a shore, having a complete blackout, seeking meaning in existence? Or you’re not knowing who you are, finding yourself on a cart to meet your executioner? Sounds familiar? We’re fed of it. Why not try something new?

When we started developing the story around Azura – The Two Views of a World, we were of course thinking about how we wanted to introduce the world to our players. And what is a better introduction to a world you don’t know and don’t understand than actually being born? It made a lot of sense to us, as the player starts off with Azura and literally hatches from a dragon egg!

From there on you can explore the world, learn how to move around and get in touch with the fear mechanics for the first time. Of course you would not want to stay a dragon baby the whole time, so we thought of how cool it would be to actually see the characters grow as you play!

Grow with the characters

When Azura is crossing paths with Josh, he will already be in his early childhood. You will meet Reimund, his father and Josh’s older brother. Josh is a big support for his father in the forge as he is helping with daily tasks. When he meets Azura however, he starts to see the world he has been living in until now differently. As the story continues, they both get to learn a lot from each other and of course from all of the characters they are about to meet on their mutual journey.

With growing older also come new skills and abilities. Josh will grow stronger and will get better in handling different kinds of weapons – depending on what you choose for him. He will also grow stronger and will be able to face opponents he wouldn’t have had a chance to stand against, compared to when he was younger.

Azura will be able to carry Josh on her back, as she grows older. They will get the chance to travel to parts of the Kingdom they were unable to go before, like the Sky Islands of Faena.

There will be a lot to discover on their adventures!


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Azura is now on Kickstarter

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