Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news entry, we will tell you a bit more about the day and night cycles in the Kingdom of Faena.


Bright days and dark nights

As you wander through the beautiful Kingdom of Faena, you will come through diverse regions and different landscapes. While roaming the lands, the atmospheres of the light will play a major role. Light will behave differently, depending on where you are, what weather currently appears and of course it will be influenced by the time of the day. If you are in a forest for example an the sun just rose, you will see rays shining through the foliage.


day night cycle

A day & night cycle in the Kingdom of Faena


By nightfall however, you will have to rely on moonlight, if you want to roam further. Depending on the phase of the moon and how cloudy or foggy it is, you either see more or less. Although Azura is capable of seeing quite well during the night, Josh will need an additional source of light, to be able to see anything.


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