Hi there Children of Faena!
in this developer news entry, we will tell you a bit more about what swimming in the various lakes, rivers, and of course the ocean is going to be.


Swimming in Faena

When roaming the Kingdom of Faena, you will not only travel on land. There are several rivers and lakes, that await your exploration, too! Many mysteries of the Kingdom are not only to be found in dark dungeons, old buildings or dense forests, but also underwater or at places, you will need to swim to.


Flow direction of rivers and waves

To keep things exciting, we are already have the flow direction of water in rivers and streams up and running. What’s left here will be the influence on objects that are in the water, so they will keep drifting away. Another things is what’s called the tessellation of water surfaces. When this is implemented, the surface of water will actually have physics, like waves and water dispersion while swimming.


Underwater environment

But all of this won’t be enough! We plan to add water environments that you can explore, as well as a flourishing underwater flora and fauna. This can be various fishes, crabs, turtles, but also whales and other sea dwellers. In addition to that there will be underwater wrecks of old ships, as well as other mysterious places you will be able to explore.


Did you like what you’ve read?

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