Hi there Children of Faena!
This time we’re here with some rather sad news. The Kickstarter campaign is over and we didn’t make it to reach the initial funding goal.

But you can read here, why this won’t be the end at all!


Thanks to all our backers and supporters out there!

You did an awesome job! Not only did you back us financially, but you were the ones, who really believed in the idea behind the game. There goes a big shout out to K├╝chenliebelei, who didn’t only back us, but also baked Azura Brownies, which was absolutely fantastic! A huge thank goes to LetsGameDev, whom we “only” asked for personal feedback and who supported us directly on Twitter and YouTube (with interesting vocals… :D). Also a big thank you to PixelCritics, who featured us in his blog and the German games magazine Gamesmarkt, who interviewed us on how it is to work as a game developer in Germany.

We also got a lot of support from the game and developer community of Unity, who gave us a couple of great ideas that they shared with us. And of course we want to thank our community who had our back on our social media channels and on Discord. You were all awesome, guys!

We won’t forget your trust in this Kickstarter campaign!


What we’ve learned from Kickstarter

To get straight to the point: Kickstarter was not even that bad! And no, we’ve not gone crazy at this point…
We gathered some awesome statistics during the campaign, which tell us that about 14% of the people who spent more than 10 seconds on the Kickstarter page, backed us in the end. And holy cow, that’s awesome! So what did go wrong?

We’ve lacked to reach people and spread the word far enough during the campaign. Although we’ve tried our very best and had no support from any marketing company at all, it wasn’t enough. We’re no marketing specialists, and having no experience in this field was, what made the campaign fail in the end. But there is one thing we can do to keep things going…


What we’ve also learned

When there is one thing, we’ve learned, it is that we should outsource the marketing strategies and leave them to professionals who know what they’re doing. Don’t get us wrong here, we had a company, who was willing to support us until the very beginning of the campaign and then said: “Nope, we’re gone.” – which was another lesson learned by the way.

We also pushed the project further quite a lot during the campaign in a relatively short amount of time, which is why stopping here, would be more than just wrong. We’ve gathered some very precious knowledge about game design and what we can achieve with Unity; boy this engine keeps getting better and better…


What’s the future of Azura?

We don’t even think of stopping here. Currently we’re working on a playable demo, which we will present to quite every indie-friendly publisher, we’ve found on the internet so far. We’ve worked on a game pitch, which you can imagine as some kind of presentation we’re giving in front of investors and publishers. At this point we’re quite convinced that we will find a publishing partner, who can give us the support we need to bring Azura – The Two Views of a World back into the race!