Hi there Children of Faena!
In this developer news entry, we will tell you a bit more about what combat and fighting is going to be.


Fighting with Josh

To be honest, Josh isn’t much of a fighter. As the youngest son of a blacksmith, he doesn’t have the time to practice with his own sword very often. There are a lot of other obligations, he has to take care of, like sweeping the forge, cutting wood, or hammering nails until they’re even again. The day he meets Azura though, changes his life. He’s not the little boy anymore and has to accomplish tasks, which are even more difficult than he first thought they would be.

You, as the player will decide how Josh will develop. Starting with the sword, he forged by himself, you will begin your long journey mastering such weapons. Or you can choose a different way. There will be multiple weapons in the game, like bludgeons, daggers, knives, axes, but also bows for ranged combat. Depending on what you choose, you will gain according experience. If you don’t train to fight with your fists, you will be brought down to earth very quickly if you don’t have another weapon at hand…


Fighting with Azura

Azura will learn different fighting techniques over time. Starting with her base attacks, she will be able to use her claws, bite and swing her tail to ground her enemies. As the story develops, you will see that there will be more, she can master, like different types of dragon breaths. Azura is a wind dragon, so the very fist attack she will learn, will be an ice breath, and how she uses her wings to hold enemies at distance.

How she will acquire other types of dragon breaths, and what else she will be capable of, will remain a secret for now…


Learn more skills as you go

The more you play, the better the protagonists will get at certain skills. As you roam the world, you will meet certain characters, who are willing to share their knowledge with you. Use it wisely and you will achieve real power!


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