Hi there Children of Faena!
In this developer news entry, we will tell you a bit more about what why we are focusing on creating more showcases and try to find a publisher!


Creating more showcases

Currently we are working on more gameplay showcases of our mechanics. We will address several gameplay features and polish them to finally present them to you!
Of course we have a motive, why we want to do this: As Kickstarter is now over, and we are quite tenacious to get further with the game, we try to find different financing possibilities. One of them is working with indie-friendly publishers.


On the quest, searching for a publisher

Once we have a nice little preset of showcases, we’re going to throw them a few indie friendly publishers – 51 in terms of numbers. This is also what the showcases are meant for. At this point we don’t plan to release them as a playable demo to the public, as there will be a lot of scripted scenes and it will generally not represent the final version of the game. But why the effort though, you might ask yourself.

99% of the publishers are requesting at least a playable demo or gameplay showcases before they decide to work with the developers. It doesn’t have to be a fully polished version of the game but rather has to show, what we can achieve as developers.

Of course we don’t want to exclude you from seeing the showcases, which is why we are going to present them to you, once they’re up and running. We really value your feedback on things like this!


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