Hi there Children of Faena!
In this developer news entry, we will tell you a bit more about for which operating systems we plan to release the game for.


What’s the release plan?

We’re planning to release the game for Windows, Linux and Apple iOS.
And there is not much else left to say at this point. Windows will be our preferred platform and this will also be the first release. We’re big Linux fans, so we definitely want to publish for this platform, too. Also, Apple users mostly don’t get their money’s worth when it comes to games. We don’t want to exclude any of the operating systems here, as it wouldn’t make sense to us doing so. Linux and iOS versions of the game will be released shortly after Windows launch.


What about consoles?

At this point we want to focus on PC. This, however, is no statement we will not address consoles at all! We’re planning to work with a publisher at this point, so when the time comes and the market is ready for a console version of Azura, it will happen. Technically it is not a big deal, as we’re using the Unity Engine. This way we can build the game for consoles as well. A major thing will be adjusting the controls and of course the distribution of the console version.
So, have a little patience on this one 😉


Did you like what you’ve read?

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