Hi there Children of Faena!
In this developer news entry, we will tell you a bit more about the fast travelling game mechanics.


Travel as you like

The Kingdom of Faena is a vast one. Getting from A to B can be quite a journey, as the distance between spots can be large, travelling the roads can be very cumbersome, and some of the regions can be quite dangerous. The landmass of the Kingdom has a size of 256km², so it would take about 3 hours to cross the map, while on foot. That’s why you might keep an eye out for different opportunities in order to move along – there is at least a great variety that you can choose from.


Travelling with others

When it comes to roaming the roads and paths by land, you will have multiple options that change as you play. In the early story, Josh and Azura won’t have much of a choice, but to travel either on foot, or in a rather tricky way. Josh can ask for a ride in the carts of passing by merchants and has to perform a little distraction in order for Azura to hop into the rear. If his distraction fails though, they will have to wait for the next cart and try their luck again.

You will be able to travel vast distances without getting too tired this way, but it will come with other more dangerous challenges. Depending on the time of the day, and which regions the merchants are trying to cross, they can get into a holdups, set up by bandits and other shady characters. If such a situation occurs, both of our protagonists can choose either to help in a fight or flee the scene.


Travelling by land and air

As the story continues, Josh can ride carts by himself, taking Azura with him. When Azura gets older, she will be able to fly by herself. She will be able to take Josh with her, but she won’t be strong enough to take him across large distances. When she grows stronger though, this won’t be an issue anymore. While Azura is flying, Josh can choose to take a horse instead to get along fast.


Quick travel posts in your encampments

When you have built several encampments across the map, you won’t just have a place you can call home, but you will have the possibility to travel between them. This way you will have a very fast option to travel large distances without fearing to get into any dangers or other problems.


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